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  • How do you draw a fire step by step?

  • Let鈥檚 start drawing fire step by step! Time needed: 20 minutes. Draw part of the outline of the fire. Depict part of the fire outline on the left side with a curved line. Add part of the flame outline on the top. Draw another part of the flame outline at the top using a curved line. Draw the rest of the outline of the flame.

  • How to draw a flower?

  • If really do love flower also see how to draw a rose and a sunflower. Step 1: To start your drawing, draw a circle in middle, then draw a U shape around it in a manner that the end of U touches the circle. Step 2: In the same way draw the second flower too, as drawn below. Step 3: Draw the third flower, using the same pattern, above both flowers.

  • Can you draw a flame?

  • For example, you can easily draw fire or a candle flame. You can easily complete this tutorial, even if you have never drawn a flame before. The lesson is structured in such a way that any novice artist will quickly cope with this task. Freehand lines are allowed in this lesson.

  • How do you make a simple flower sketch?

  • 1 Pick a flower and a reference image. Everyone knows what a flower looks like. … 2 Tracing the basic shapes. When you practice, 鈥渢race many types of flowers to learn more about their forms. … 3 Hone your linework. From here you can refine your lines and shapes. … 4 Add some simple color. … 5 Create dimension with texture.