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  • How do you doodle flowers?

  • Next time when you doodle flowers, have this in mind. Draw curvy petals, stems, and leaves. Another thing that adds dimension is drawing thin, short lines on the petals and leaves. When you draw a petal, don鈥檛 leave it blank. Add some tiny lines here and there to make it more interesting.

  • How do you make a simple Doodle?

  • Start with creating a basic flower drawing. Give petals irregular shapes and wobbly edges. Give the flower petals some folds and add a curved line to the edge. Add depth to the flower doodle by drawing curved lines coming from the center.

  • How do you draw a simple flower?

  • The flower doodle above is very simple, but if you just add some more details, you鈥檒l get more interest and dimension. Step 1. Draw a curvy stem. Step 2. Add leaves and flowers. Make their stems also curvy. Remember, there are no limits here! Just draw and doodle whatever you want.

  • Can you draw flower doodles in a bullet journal?

  • I loved these easy drawing ideas for flower doodles. Decorating your bullet journal is one of the most fun parts of using a bullet journal! At the same time, it can also be one of the most challenging aspects. Thankfully, there are many other resources to look toward if drawing flower doodles isn鈥檛 your forte.