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  • How can I get my prophetic gift to flow freely?

  • For your prophetic gift to flow freely, you have to grow in your intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Have that special time together where you鈥檙e genuine and open with Daddy to receive His comfort.

  • Is there a divine flow to the prophetic ministry?

  • THE PROPHETIC FLOW . We need to. be alert to the fact that there is a divine flow to the prophetic ministry. A divine flow and a divine order to all things. Divine Order. Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts [the things of the Spirit] but rather that ye may prophesy..

  • What is prophetic utterance?

  • This is the most common form of prophetic utterance in the church Consists of anointing of the Holy Spirit that enables people who are not prophets or who do not possess a prophetic gift to prophesy 1 Corinthians 14:1, 5 鈥?when Paul declared that he desired that all would prophesy 鈥?it was this level of prophecy he had in mind

  • What is a prophetic prophet?

  • The prophetic is not about the Prophet. It鈥檚 about God鈥檚 heart for His people; [tweet this] a Prophet is just a chosen vessel to carry the Father鈥檚 Word to those He loves. Be open to correction, guidance, and scrutiny.