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The principle behind force-flowering outdoor plants is simple; justreduce the amount of light your plants get. How you choose to do this, however, depends on the number of plants you鈥檙e growing and the weather in your area.

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  • How do you force a plant to flower?

  • Forcing a plant is a process in which the gardener induces the plant to begin its reproductive cycle, thereby forcing it to flower. Forcing a plant is also known as photo-manipulation, blooming or flower forcing. Place pottery shards in the bottom of a terra cotta container.

  • What is flower forced plant growth?

  • Whether you call it flower forcing, blooming, flowering, or photo-period manipulation, it is all the same thing. Some plants measure the dark periods and light periods of each day and change their growth patterns based on that information (i.e. switching from vegetative growth to flowering growth).

  • How do plants know when to flower force?

  • The nights get longer and longer in late summer and heading into fall. At some point the plants instinctively know to begin their reproductive efforts. It is exactly this response to the dark period that will give you control over flower forcing. Some plants are very particular.

  • Should you force your marijuana plants into flowering?

  • In some regions, forcing marijuana plants into flowering can make the difference between a successful or failed harvest. Read more at CannaConnection. For different reasons, the forced flowering technique can be useful for cannabis growers living either in cool, warm, or light-polluted urban areas.