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Give your African violetsbright,indirect sunlight for 16 hours per day. To get your African violets to bloom and stay in bloom,place them in a location indoors where they鈥檒l get about 16 hours of bright,indirect sunlight per day.

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  • How do you grow African violet leaves from leaves?

  • 1 Select a large and healthy leaf from a healthy African violet. 2 Include 2 inches (5 cm) of stem and cut the leaf from the plant on a 45-degree angle. … 3 Fill the bottle with lukewarm water. 4 Place the stem of the leaf into the neck of the bottle, so that the stem is in water and the leaf is resting above the rim. More items…

  • How often do African violets bloom?

  • A well-fed violet will bloom several times a year. One of the most common issues with African violets is root rot from over-watering. You鈥檒l notice droopy stems even after the plant is watered. Only water them when the top inch of soil is dry and don鈥檛 let them sit in water. Make sure the pot has a hole in the bottom for excess water to drain out.

  • Can African violets be grown indoors?

  • Because African violets are grown indoors, choosing the right pot is like choosing the right home for your plants. These plants grow best in pots that are sized for their root systems. Don鈥檛 put your plant in a pot that鈥檚 too large, otherwise it may not bloom.

  • What is an African violet?

  • The African violet, Saintpaulia, is a tropical plant native to Tanzania and Kenya. There are many subspecies of this beautiful plant, including many that are endangered due to their disappearing habitat.