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  • How do you fuel your creativity?

  • Adding side projects to your life can actually fuel your creativity for main projects. (Accidental Creative) Check out these awesome creative quotes to get pumped up and ready to work. (BuzzFeed) Try the SimpleMind app, a tool that helps you turn your abstract brainstorms into seriously cool idea webs. (Boston Globe)

  • How to get your creativity juiced?

  • Also experts have suggested that its needed for those people who want to get their creativity juices flowing once again. Around 30 minutes of exercise everyday will not only fill your soul with joy but also boost the dimension of cognition. It will get your blood flowing, allow your mind to get clearer and also let you have better thoughts.

  • How to get more creative ideas in life?

  • Everyone feels better after they exercise. The bloodstream receives endorphins, making a person feel better. This opens up the mind to receive new inspiration resulting in more creativity. 10. Meditate for Inner Peace. Through meditation, all thoughts are silenced, and the mind finds the peace it needs to produce more creative ideas.

  • How to overcome the difficulties of creativity?

  • Many people struggle with sustaining a particular intensity of creativity. So, it鈥檚 important to try and maintain a positive mindset to overcome this conflict. Aspirations and goals are the foundation of mental flexibility along with stability between self-control and impulse. These 17 tips allow the brain to adapt and release more creative ideas.