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Pick up large piles of leaves in the bark chips and flower gardens with gloved hands. Pull fall leaves from the flower plants,being careful not to damage the plants. Move the leaves to the lawn or leaf bags.Rake through the flower beds and bark chip areas with a narrow leaf raketo loosen leaves. Avoid wide rakes that are difficult to control.

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  • How do you get rid of leaves in a flower bed?

  • Remove leaves — especially those that decay rapidly — from planting beds in fall or early winter. Shred and then compost those leaves, and you’ll have a ready supply of mulch by spring and rich leaf mold to supplement your flowerbeds’ soil by the following fall.

  • Should you remove leaves from flower beds in spring?

  • You should remove leaves from flower beds in spring if they are in layers thick enough to block the soil or if they have formed a thick matt and are starting to rot. Thin layers of leaves or those that have been mixed with bark mulch can be left on flower beds in spring.

  • What happens if you leave leaves in your flower beds?

  • Leaves can gather in your flowerbeds in spring after a long cold winter. Leaves on garden beds will break down slowly so they should be removed if they have formed a thick layer or are covering plant leaves. They can starve the soil of oxygen and the leaves can rot as they break down anaerobically.

  • Should you rake leaves out of flower bed?

  • You should rake leaves out of flower bed if they have formed a thick layer that is block the rainfall. Thick layers of leaves can rot and affect plant growth. Rake the leaves out if they are large or in thick layers and break them down in compost pile instead.