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  • How do you grow passion flowers from seed?

  • How to Grow Passion Flower From Seed. Passion flower seeds can be started any time. They have hard seed coats, so you will need to soak the seeds 1 to 2 days to soften them. After soaking them, surface sow them in a container of pre-moistened soil. Do not cover the seeds. They need light to germinate.

  • Do passion flowers produce fruit every year?

  • Given enough time without a frost, passion flower will produce fruit every year before dying back to the ground for the winter. Each fruit contains up to 250 round, black seeds. You can collect these seeds and use them to start new passion flower plants.

  • How long does it take for passion flower cuttings to flower?

  • Plants that are produced from seed can take over a decade to flower, so propagation from cuttings is preferable. Take passion flower cuttings in early spring.

  • How much sun does a wild passion plant need?

  • Transplant the wild passion flower seedlings into a sunny part of the garden when they reach 6 inches in height. Although a wild passion flower plant will tolerate one-half day of shade, it won’t flower as well as it would with full sun exposure.