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  • How to grow wild passion flower from seed?

  • Get the Best Mortgage Rate for You. 1 Plant the passion flower seeds. Water the planting medium in the pots or flat until it is barely moist. Plant three of the wild passion flower seeds, … 2 Provide a humid environment. 3 Keep the seeds warm. 4 Retain the proper moisture. 5 Remove the heat source after the third set of leaves. More items

  • Do passion flowers produce fruit every year?

  • Given enough time without a frost, passion flower will produce fruit every year before dying back to the ground for the winter. Each fruit contains up to 250 round, black seeds. You can collect these seeds and use them to start new passion flower plants.

  • Can you grow passion flowers indoors?

  • Alternatively, you can bring your plant indoors and grow it like your houseplants. Since passion flowers need full sun outdoors, you will want to place your plant in the sunniest window in your home. A south-facing window is best. Water regularly to keep it moist as you did when it was outdoors.

  • Should I prune my passion plant?

  • If you wait too long to prune, you will risk pruning away the developing buds and end up with few flowers or none at all. While you are pruning, be sure to also get rid of any dead branches. Passion flowers that die to the ground in the fall do not require any pruning in the spring. You can propagate your passion flower from cuttings using leaves.