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Most window boxes are designed for mounting to a window with screws,so you’ll have to shop around for a specialty window box that comes with hangers. To mount the window box,place the top of the hanger over the window sill,letting the large bottom part of the hook hand down. Place the flower box on the hook.

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  • How to secure a window flower box?

  • 鈥?Secure window flower box. Place the window box on top of the brackets. 鈥?Fill the box with flowers and plants of your choice. If planting directly on your window flower box, insert a piece of vinyl or nylon screen and make sure to drill pilot holes on them too.

  • How to hang a window box on a wall?

  • How to Hang a Window Box 1 Window Box Overview 2 Mark the mounting location. … 3 Install the top screw on the bracket. … 4 Check for plumb and install the second screw. … 5 Install the second bracket. … 6 Center the window box. … 7 Fasten the box to the brackets. …

  • Do you have to hang window boxes before planting?

  • The window box should always be hung prior to filling it. Use sturdy brackets to handle the weight of the filled box, continues Starnes. Keep in mind that a window box may double its weight by the end of the season, as the plants grow. You’ll also want to account for water and soil weight.

  • How deep should a window flower box be?

  • Do not pack the plants to tightly. Some additional tips when building your own window flower box: 鈥?The typical depth and height of window flower boxes is usually 6 to 8 inches, but this varies. 鈥?Window flower boxes are commonly mounted 6 to 8 inches below the sill to leave clearance for the plants.