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  • How to create better water flow in your home?

  • How to Create Better Water Flow in Your Home 1 Test Water Pressure. Purchase a water pressure gauge that attaches to any exterior hose bib. … 2 Valves and Water Restrictors. For a city or suburban home, locate the valve box where the water comes into the home. … 3 Showerheads and Faucets. … 4 Piping. … 5 Pressure Switch. …

  • How to increase the water pressure in my house?

  • How to Increase Your Home鈥檚 Water Pressure. 1 Call the Local Water Department. If your home is connected to city water, call your municipal water department and ask them to check the water … 2 Adjust the Pressure-Reducing Valve. 3 Install a Pressure Booster.

  • How can I increase the flow of water in my shower?

  • Remove any water restrictors inside shower heads or faucets to increase water flow. Take apart the aerators on faucets and examine them for sand, iron, calcium or magnesium deposits.

  • How can I get more water from my well?

  • Your options to get more water are to add local storage tanks or to try to increase the yield of the well (the article found above). I have heard from some of the old timers that putting crawdads in your well will help to open up the clogging where the water comes in.