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The most popular way to keep a garland fresh is with aspritz of fresh water each day. Fill a spray bottle with cool tap water and set it to a 鈥榤isting鈥?dispersion. Experts advise that you spray the stems most attentively, ensuring that fresh water reaches the cut ends and is absorbed into the garland.

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  • How do you store fresh flower garland?

  • If you want to make it earlier in the day for an evening event, mist the entire piece, place it a large plastic bag, such as a dry cleaner bag, and keep it somewhere cool like a basement or garage. Keep in mind that this fresh flower garland works best with flowers that hold up once picked.

  • How do you transport your Garland?

  • The garland will be easy to transport and it will stay fresh. On the day just cut open the bag, drain the water, hang it and add the flowers. You can also make all the flower posies a few days before and store them in buckets of water.

  • How do you dry out a Christmas Garland?

  • Make sure most of the greens are under water. DRY 鈥?Remove the garland from its drink and allow it to dry. We hang ours over the deck railing. You could hang from the shower rod, in the garage, or wherever you have room. SPRAY 鈥?Once it鈥檚 dry, spray thoroughly with an Anti-Transpirant plant product.

  • Do I need a base plant to make a garland?

  • If you have a special outdoor occassion and access to fresh flowers and other plant material you will love creating this fresh flower garland. It’s helpful but not totally necessary to have a base plant to use as filler.