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Apply mulch

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  • How to get rid of weeds in your flower bed?

  • Mulch deprives weeds of the light they need to grow. Plus, weeds are easier to remove when rooted in loose mulch compared with soil. If you use organic mulch, it may even contain insects that actually eat weed seeds! 5. Remove weeds ASAP. Despite your best precautions, weeds may still pop up in your flower beds. Don鈥檛 worry.

  • How does mulch prevent weeds from growing in your flower bed?

  • By applying a thick layer of mulch to the soil, you present a barrier to the drifting weed seeds, preventing them from landing on your flower bed. The same mulch also suppresses the existing weeds, depriving them of sunlight and air.

  • Why is it important to keep your flower beds weed-free?

  • Keeping your flower beds relatively weed-free not only makes your job easier as a gardener, but it also helps keep your plants healthy without the added competition of unwanted weeds.

  • Does heating soil kill weeds and weeds?

  • Heating the soil to kill weeds and weed seeds works before you plant flowers in the bed if you have a large area and plenty of time. Till the soil in the bed, rake it smooth, water it and cover it with clear, heavy-guage plastic, weighted down at the edges so it stays in place.