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Soapy wateris enough to kill grubs in your lawn and garden as the soap itself will smother them. For this homemade grub killer recipe, combine 3 tablespoons of organic liquid soap with a gallon of water. However, you can use Dawn dish soap if you鈥檙e only using it for your lawn.

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  • How to get rid of grubs in the garden?

  • You can also use neem oil for grubs in the garden. It is very popular among organic gardeners being a natural and healthy pest control home remedy. Make a natural grub repellent spray by combining 2 tablespoons of neem oil, 2 teaspoons of liquid soap, and a gallon of water.

  • What do grubs do to your lawn?

  • Grubs feed on grass roots, which causes wilted grass. This results in patches of brown turf and eventual death of the grass. Grub-damaged turf is brown and spongy and can be easily lifted off of the soil.

  • How do you use beneficial Grub nematode spray?

  • Add the contents of a packet of beneficial grub nematode to a 5-gallon bucket of water and stir to break up any clumps. Allow the solution to soak for 3 to 5 minutes. Pour the nematode solution into a spray bottle or water can.

  • What is the best fertilizer to kill grubs?

  • Answer 4: I have been very successful controlling grubs by using only organic fertilizer once in the fall and once in late winter, says another reader. Synthetic fertilizers tend to kill beneficial nematodes. The best fertilizer I have found (I have tried a lot) for lawns is Plant Tone.