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Draw a circle with your compass on the card stock. Place the spike of the compass on the circle and draws an arc inside it. Then, place the spike on the ends of the arcs and start over until you obtain a flower.

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  • How to draw a compass rose?

  • Mark the center point of the paper a couple inches above and below the horizontal line, then lightly draw a vertical line from top to bottom. It should look like this: Draw a large circle using your drafting compass. For this example, we鈥檒l assume a circle with a 3鈥?radius. This circle will mark the outer edge of your finished compass rose.

  • Is the compass plant easy to grow?

  • Easy to grow and competition resistant, the Compass Plant could be a great addition to your garden, providing you can offer it enough sunlight. Just make sure you position it behind the shorter flowers.

  • How do you make paper flowers with extra petals?

  • Glue 2 of the petals together and cut off the extra paper for a neater look. Spread a bit of glue into the crease of one of the petals and press it together. Move to the left 2 petals and repeat. Then, turn the flower over and snip off these these two extra petals, using a diagonal cut close to the center of the flower.

  • How long does it take a compass plant to bloom?

  • If you’re looking for a plant that will be blooming impressively immediately, the Compass Plant will be disappointing. Although they’re incredibly long-lived, often surviving for up to one hundred years, they’re slow-growing too. It can take a good couple of years for them to become fully established and to see a full bloom.