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When you have rolled half of the streamer begin adding twists to create the rose-like petals. Simplytwist the length of streamer around 360 degrees and then continue wrapping it around, pulling it tight as you go. Add as many twists as you want, but try to evenly space them so that one section of the rose isn鈥檛 much puffy than the other.

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  • What can you do with a roll of streamers?

  • With nothing but a roll of streamers, scissors, and tape, you can turn almost any get-together into a festive gathering. Decorating with streamers is all about expressing your own creativity in strips of crepe paper.

  • How do you decorate a streamer?

  • Select a streamer color or colors that match the occasion. For example, if you’re decorating to watch a sports game or celebrate a win, choose your team’s colors; use red, white and blue streamers to decorate for the Fourth of July; orange and black for Halloween; red, green, silver and white for Christmas; and neutral tones for Thanksgiving.

  • How do you attach a streamer to crepe paper?

  • Attach one end of the streamer to the surface of your choice with a piece of scotch tape. Walk the streamer to the other end point, twisting the crepe paper as you go. Attach the other end of the streamer to a second surface.

  • How do you cut a streamer for a Christmas tree?

  • With a pair of scissors, make multiple cuts up and down the two long edges of the folded streamer. To avoid severing the streamer, stop the scissors just shy of the center every time When you’re finished, the streamer will have a festive, thin fringe running up and down both edges.