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When you have rolled half of the streamer begin adding twists to create the rose-like petals. Simplytwist the length of streamer around 360 degrees and then continue wrapping it around, pulling it tight as you go. Add as many twists as you want, but try to evenly space them so that one section of the rose isn鈥檛 much puffy than the other.

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  • How to roll a streamer strip?

  • Either wrap the base loop of the roll with tape or glue it in place. Step 3: Start rolling the streamer strip from template 2 around the first roll with the metallic part facing inwards. Either wrap the base loop of the roll with tape or glue it in place. Step 4: The last streamer strip needs to be rolled on with the metallic part facing outwards.

  • How do you make a streamer accordion?

  • Step 1: Fold 3 piece of streamer accordion-style to the width of each template. Each accordion should have 3 folds. This means each accordion should have 6 鈥榩ages鈥? or after you cut them out, it should have 6 petals. When you are done with this step, you have 3 strips of cut streamer with 6 petals each.

  • What materials do I need to make paper flowers?

  • Streamers 鈥?The best part of this is if you are making paper flowers for a party or wedding, you only have to buy one set of material. Here are the gold streamers I used from Amazon. Tacky Glue and/or Double Sided Tape 鈥?I prefer having both but it is not necessary. A glue gun works too but I鈥檓 lazy don鈥檛 want to get mine out unless I have to.