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For best results for your boutonniereleave the cut stems in water overnight then group your mix of flowers and foliage together. Bind your mix together with stem tape 鈥?wired flowers are easy to use as they can be moved into any position.

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  • How do you make a boutonniere step by step?

  • To make a boutonniere, start by choosing a large flower with a sturdy stem for the middle of your boutonniere, like a rose, carnation, or tulip. Then, remove any deformed or damaged petals and snip the stem 1 inch below the bud.

  • How do you attach wax flowers to a boutonniere?

  • It the Wax Flower and the Italian Ruskus moves a little around the rose stem while you tape them together don’t worry, this will make the arrangement look naturally beautiful. After you got about 1 inch of the boutonniere taped you have to remove the long sprigs and the unwanted wire.

  • What is the best flower to make a boutonniere?

  • Best of all, it’s relatively easy to learn the basics. We suggest using a hardy flower with a big head such as a rose or miniature calla lily; they can survive being handled. You can make a boutonniere the day before the wedding, and be sure to get extra flowers for practice.

  • How do you cut a rose for a boutonniere?

  • It is really important to cut the rose stem and wire properly. Both of them have to be cut diagonally (see pictures). This will make the taping of the rose easier and it will have a polished look after you finish the boutonniere. In the case of the wire, this cutting technique will provide a pointy wire end, instead of a dull end.