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  • What is a meat flower?

  • The meat flower is made with the meats of your choice, just make sure they are circular in shape and the same size. When you go to the grocery store be sure to keep that in mind while choosing your meat options! Think pepperonis, salami, ham or I鈥檝e even seen people cut the meat with a circle cookie cutter, the choice is yours!

  • How to make meat flowers last longer?

  • Make your meat flowers last because they tend to lose shape if they sit too long. Now for the last step, the meat flowers! For this, you are going to need a wine glass or a champagne flute. A glass with a thinner lip will make for a prettier flower, but any will do in a pinch.

  • What tools do you use to make a meat flower?

  • Wine glass 鈥?this is the tool we use to form the meat flowers. Deli meat 鈥?your choice of turkey, ham, salami, etc but they must be cut in circles to make the flowers. If the deli meat you buy isn鈥檛 sliced into circles, just use a cookie cutter to cut them down.

  • How do you make a rose out of deli meat?

  • Place three slices of meat around a wine glass, overlapping. Add a second layer with more slices of meat, building up with more deli meat as you go. Flip the wine glass over and you鈥檝e got the shape of a rose.