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Cash Flow Statement formulas are pretty simple. All you need is to use thesum command to subtotal each category. First, select the Net Cash Flow – [Category] cell under the corresponding period and category subtotal. Then, type =sum (and choose all the cells for each section.

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  • How do I create a cash flow statement?

  • Creating a cash flow statement may remind you of creating a budget. You will need to record all sources of income and all your expenses. Then you will add the final amounts for income and expenses. Just like your net worth statement, a positive number is positive cash flow (good!) and a negative number is negative cash flow (bad!).

  • What is a personal cash flow statement?

  • One of the document is their personal cash flow statement. The other document is their personal net worth statement. A personal cash flow statement can provide clarity in your life, and serves as a personal review whether you are managing your life well.

  • Why should you download the simple cash flow template?

  • DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATES NOW. This accessible simple cash flow template allows users to keep track of where their money is going with charts and daily, monthly, and yearly buckets. This cash flow statement puts you in control of how to manage your cash. Easily modify this simple cash flow statement example to match your personal finances.

  • What are the different parts of a cash flow statement?

  • Cash flow statements have three sections: cash inflow, cash outflow and net cash flow. The first step is to select a period. For individuals, a month is the most common period because most people pay major bills on a monthly basis and can calculate their monthly salaries even if their paychecks are issued every two weeks.