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Here are a few simple steps to making your very own DIY weddingarch: Buy a cheap, simple weddingarch. Gather your flowersand greenery, (artificial ones are better because they last longer). Use a foam block and attach two zip ties or rope around it with enough room for your fingers to go through.

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  • How to attach flowers to an arch for a wedding?

  • To secure the flowers on the arch, you鈥檒l need floral wire, floral tape, wire cutters, and scissors for the job. First of all, we鈥檒l make 2 bouquets to secure together.

  • What do I need to build a floral arch?

  • From there you will need floral foam bricks that you can zip tie to your arch. The floral foam that we used at the Mayesh Workshop here in Charleston was from Oasis floral products which is who I would suggest as well. You should soak the floral foam bricks overnight or for at least 30 minutes before you start to build your floral arch.

  • How do you attach greenery to a floral foam arch?

  • Attach the floral bricks with zip ties. Once the floral foam is attached to your arch you can begin with the greenery. Get greenery that you can cut into pieces and stick into the floral foam. Start with greenery then move on to florals.

  • How do you make an archway wedding bouquet look natural?

  • Find some very large foliage branches for this installation, as these very quickly build up the foam and coverage of the arch. They should be combined with shorter foliage to fill in any gaps, plus trailing pieces to wind around the arch and make it feel more natural. MORE: What does your wedding bouquet say about you?