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  • Why choose artificial flower arrangements in vases?

  • Artificial flower arrangements in vases allow us for a flowery composition all year long. These white magnolia flowers beautifully come out of a glass vase. The lovely set of two compositions of faux flowers in the high vases. Both of there are in black and white colors, what makes them fit to each type of interior.

  • How do you arrange a tall vase with a small vase?

  • Anchor the arrangement visually by placing a large flower, such as a peony or rose, on the edge of the top of the vase. Fill the bottom 2 inches or so of the tall vase with glass marbles to add weight. Place the smaller vase inside the tall vase.

  • How to decorate your home interior with artificial flowers?

  • The extra large decorative floral arrangement in the silk cone. The lovely mix of Tuscan red and sunny yellow flower with the natural herbs like from meadow has an effect in a really nice wall composition. Excellently composed vase with an arrangement of artificial flowers is an attractive interior design element.

  • What kind of vase do you use for faux flowers?

  • They’re also ideal for arrangements with long stems like tulips or narcissi as the faux flowers get enough space to spread out. Column Vases – Column vases are used by florists and faux floral arrangement manufacturers in complementing the elegance of flowers with long stems like gladioli, lilies, and sunflowers.