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Simple Flow art DIYTake 4 plastic cups and fill them with paint. Now keep inverted paint filled cups on four positions on the canvass. Now flip the opposite cups. Do this flipping carefully.

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  • How do you make your own flow art at home?

  • Take a turntable and a flow art mould. Now take a plastic cup. Pour pre mixed primary colour acrylic paints into the cup one by one. Spray isopropyl alcohol into the cup after a layer of each colour. Carefully flip the paint filled cup. Pour armor protectant around the flipped cup.

  • What is flow art?

  • The technique is also sometimes called flow art, and this refers to the consistency of the acrylic paints used in the process. The paint is designed or manipulated to spread and flow easily across mediums, while maintaining its original colour. Fluid acrylic paints are the best for this kind of art, as opposed to those involving a paint brush.

  • How do you add a picture to a flow chart?

  • Create a flow chart with pictures On the Insert tab, in the Illustrationsgroup, click SmartArt. In the Choose a SmartArt Graphicgallery, click Process, and then double-click Picture Accent Process. To add a picture, in the box you want to add it to, click the picture icon

  • How to create a flowchart in AutoCAD?

  • Creating a Flowchart with SmartArt. In addition to using shapes to create your flowchart, you also have some pretty handy options with SmartArt. Head over to the 鈥淚nsert鈥?tab and then click the 鈥淪martArt鈥?button. In the Choose a SmartArt Graphic window, select the 鈥淧rocess鈥?category on the left, chose a type of process …