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Create a basic flowchart using SmartArt included in Word Use a third-party tool and insert your flowchart into your reports and documents in Word Add A Flowchart in Word using SmartArt To make a flowchart in Word, start byselecting the Insert tab. Click SmartArt and choose Process. This will insert a basic three-step process into your document.

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  • What is flow art?

  • The technique is also sometimes called flow art, and this refers to the consistency of the acrylic paints used in the process. The paint is designed or manipulated to spread and flow easily across mediums, while maintaining its original colour. Fluid acrylic paints are the best for this kind of art, as opposed to those involving a paint brush.

  • How do I start fluid art?

  • Start simple and work your way through the beginner techniques, experimenting with new paints, mediums and surfaces along the way. There is nothing set in stone with fluid art; create your own techniques and let your creativity run wild. Happy Pouring! Sara Wagner is an author and artist from Upstate New York.

  • What is resin flow art?

  • Flow art, also known as fluid art or pour painting, is a technique that uses a liquid art material’s natural flow to create an abstract design. In resin flow art, layers of tinted resin are poured in an organic pattern onto a surface creating a colourful, finished piece of artwork with endless possibilities.

  • What is the best way to make acrylic paint flow?

  • By adding a flow enhancer like Floetrol or Liquitex Pouring Medium or even water, acrylic paint becomes thinner and flows easily over surfaces. To begin you鈥檒l probably want a craft acrylics set along with some extra black and white paint we鈥檝e listed below.