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First, pick the stonesof your choice to build a good stoneflowerbedborder, then dig a 3-5inch trench around your garden. Lay a landscape fabric in the trench to prevent weeds, then stack the stonesneatly and tamp them into place after watering them. How to Build a StoneFlowerBedBorder

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  • How do you make a border around a flower bed?

  • Install a new border edging. If desired, you can install a border around the flower bed to keep the edge defined. This can be a simple plastic or metal sheet, stones, stacked flagstone, or any solid barrier of your choice.

  • How do you make a stone border for a garden wall?

  • For a stone border, you can use a flat installation of pebbles, or a raised wall of medium or large rocks. If you prefer a loose installation rather than cemented, gabion cages may be the design choice you prefer.

  • Where can I get help with stone borders for my Garden?

  • For help with installing stone borders around your flower beds, contact JC鈥檚 Landscaping for a free estimate.

  • What kind of rocks do you use for a flower bed?

  • If you鈥檙e laying just one row of stones pressed into the dirt to build a flower bed border, we recommend rounded river rocks for you. But, if you鈥檙e going for a smaller flower bed wall of stacked stones, then flat stones like slates, flagstones, or fieldstones are required.