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Start bydrawing three to six circles on your scrap metal. You can use a stencil, a bowl, or another round object to ensure you are drawing all of the circles in the same shape. Note: The more circles you draw, the fuller your rose will turn out. Three should be seen as the minimum number necessary to create your metal rose.

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  • How to make a rose out of scrap metal?

  • How to Make a Metal Rose 1 Cutting Out the Circles. You will need to cut out three circles from your scrap metal. … 2 Measureing and Cutting the Petals. For this step you will need your ruler and angle grinder (or plasma torch). … 3 Clean Up the Edges. … 4 Drilling and Welding. … 5 Heating and Shaping. …

  • Can you use steel to make a rose?

  • You can use steel to make your rose, but you can also use copper, aluminum, or general-purpose sheet metal. The overall process is the same regardless of the metal you use.

  • How do you make a flower out of sheet metal?

  • To form the shape of the flower I first heated the sheet metal with a blow torch (to make it more pliable) and then started to hammer it into shape.

  • How do you make a realistic flower stem?

  • I hit the stem (6 mm rod) a few times with a hammer on my vice to put a few small twists and bends to make it look more realistic. Then using a grinding disc in an angle grinder I tapered off the stem (rod) into a point. Step 5: Forming the Flower Shape.