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Start bydrawing three to six circles on your scrap metal. You can use a stencil, a bowl, or another round object to ensure you are drawing all of the circles in the same shape. Note: The more circles you draw, the fuller your rose will turn out. Three should be seen as the minimum number necessary to create your metal rose.

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  • Can you use steel to make a rose?

  • You can use steel to make your rose, but you can also use copper, aluminum, or general-purpose sheet metal. The overall process is the same regardless of the metal you use.

  • How to make a rose out of scrap metal?

  • How to Make a Metal Rose 1 Cutting Out the Circles. You will need to cut out three circles from your scrap metal. … 2 Measureing and Cutting the Petals. For this step you will need your ruler and angle grinder (or plasma torch). … 3 Clean Up the Edges. … 4 Drilling and Welding. … 5 Heating and Shaping. …

  • How do you get rid of flakes of metal from roses?

  • After your happy with your new Rose clean out the flakes of metal from the inside and quench the metal by spraying it with the water hose. The rest is up to you. You can paint it, or leave it as is. You could even make a vine of them. Turn them into art.

  • What do I need to make my own flower?

  • Acquire the necessary materials and tools. Use heavy gauge sheet metal for the petals and leaves and a metal rod anywhere from 3/16 to 5/16 for the stem. You will need a fastening method/tool for piecing the flower together, perhaps a welder. The forge used for flower-shaping can be a propane forge or a coal forge.