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  • What size paper do you need to make a shadow box?

  • 9鈥?x 9鈥?Shadow Box Frame (inner size of 8鈥?x 8鈥? depth of 1.5鈥? 18 sheets of cardstock (8.5鈥?x 11鈥? for 36 flowers to fit your 9鈥?x 9鈥?frame (if you use 12鈥?x 12鈥?paper, you need only 12 sheets) Tool to roll flowers (you can also make your own DIY quilling tool with my tutorial)

  • What to do with Paper Flower Shadow boxes?

  • This ombre paper flower shadow box was for a customer, and she was in love with it. Rolled paper flowers are kind of like pom poms, you can basically use them in any home decor project and add a little fun flair.

  • Can you make a shadow box with Cricut?

  • Learn how to make your own flower shadow box with Cricut rose paper flowers and a vinyl monogram. Perfect gift idea for babies, weddings, and so much more! This paper flower shadow box has been on my to-do list for a long time.

  • What size Cricut Shadow Box do I need to make roses?

  • The most time consuming part of this Cricut shadow box is making all of the 3D roses. Depending on how big your shadow box is will depend on how many paper flowers you need to make. The shadow box I am using is 99. The inside board that needs to be covered with paper flowers is 8.5 x 8.5 inches.