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How To MakePressedFlowerJewelry? Pressedflowersare used in this project. Arrange the flowers between the pages of the book in a pleasing manner. In little amounts of glue or nail paint, coat the interior of the locket and insert your flower where you want it. Secure the pendant鈥檚 lock with a chain or thread and hang it from the chain.

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  • How to make homemade jewelry from pressed flowers and resin?

  • How to Make Homemade Jewelry from Pressed Flowers and Resin: STEP 1: Start by creating your resin mold. STEP 2: Once it鈥檚 dry, spray with mold release product generously and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. STEP 3: Take the flowers you鈥檙e going to use to make your DIY jewelry and place it inside the resin cup.

  • What to do with Paper Flower jewelry?

  • Pressed Flower Suncatchers Hang your beautiful specimens in the window with these easy to make suncatchers. An affordable yet stunning gift. 9. Handmade Paper Flower Jewelry Dish Last but not least are these pressed flower jewelry dishes.

  • How do you seal pressed flowers in resin?

  • Cover and let the resin cure for 24 hours. Then it is time for the fun bit. Place your pressed flowers and leaves onto the first layer of resin. Seal and glue down the flowers with sealant. Do not overdo the sealant.

  • What to do with pressed flower?

  • Add in a few pressed or dried flowers for an added touch. 5. Pressed Flower Glass Coasters Simple little keepsakes make great gifts, like these glass coasters that really show off the beauty of the plant material.