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  • How do you measure the size of a plant pot?

  • Diameter measurements are made across the top rim of a plant pot. For example, a 6-inch pot is 6 inches wide across the top of the container. The next most common way of sizing plant pots is by volume, typically in gallons (gal) or liters (L).

  • How big of a pot do I need for a plant?

  • Tip: Pick a decorative pot that has an opening about 1cm larger than the size of the plant’s grow pot. For smaller plants (up to 14cm grow pots) you should go slightly smaller and for larger plants (above 24cm) you can add 2-3cm without the pot looking too large for the plant.

  • How are plant sizes calculated?

  • Plant sizes are shown as the grow pot diameter x the total height of the plant. This means the diameter of the grow pot at the top of rim x the total height of the plant including the grow pot. It therefore includes the plant roots etc as well as the height or length of the plant.

  • How to increase the plant height to pot size ratio?

  • This point is another aspect of the Plant height to pot size ratio question. If you want to increase the plant height, then first analyze how much soil your plant needs. it means that whether the roots of that plant will grow adequately in less quantity of medium or not.