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Freestyle rapping

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  • How to make your rap sound better?

  • Opt for simple words in your lyrics. Rap experts say that a good rap is composed of two parts 鈥?flow and lyrics blended together. In order to improve your rap flow, you can try rapping in different accents such as French, English, etc. You may see yourself weird and awkward but just continue with it.

  • How to improve your flaw in rapping?

  • Start With Slow Beats 鈥?Another excellent way to improve your flaw is to start writing slow rap beats. It is good practice at the start of your rapping career not to jump straight into the deep end. !Attention Rap Artists, Singers Songwriters!

  • How do you get better at freestyle rap?

  • Always start with the basics because they will get you the best. Thanks! Learning the lyrics makes everything a lot easier. Thanks! Freestyle over beats without writing anything down. Thanks! Keep the flow and rhythm of the words in mind.

  • Does rap flow come naturally to you?

  • Then your rap flow will come naturally. Certain rappers have different styles to the way that they rhyme. Certain people define it as the way a rapper interacts with the beat, the mood of the beat, how the feel at that time and the 16 bars that they have written about.