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IV Infusion via Dial a FlowOpen a new tubing, close clamp right away and set the flow regulator by pointing arrow in between open and 250. This will prevent the flow to be too fast. Squeeze the drip chamber to get medicine started about half way in the drip chamber. Open the tubing clamp to prime the tubing.

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  • How do you use dial-a-flow IV fluids?

  • Open the clamps on your IV line and dial-a-flow tubing to allow your medication to infuse. Your infusion is complete when the medication bag is empty and the drip chamber is less than half-full. WASH HANDS Close the clamp on the dial-a-flow tubing. Remove the tubing from the IV line. Your tubing can be reused for 24 hours.

  • What is dial-a-flow tubing used for?

  • Dial-A-Flow Tubing – What Is It What Does It Do? A dial-a-flow extension set, or dial-a-flow tubing, is a medical device that is used when regulating the flow of a liquid or fluid through an IV. Sometimes this device can also be referred to as a manual flow regulator or just an IV flow regulator.

  • How to use a dial a flow drip machine?

  • After filling the drip chamber, the tubing needs to be primed. Slowly open the dial-a-flow dial to allow fluid to fill the tubing and remove air bubbles. Be careful not to touch the sterile area. Push the tubing spike into the medication bag using a twisting motion.

  • Is dial a float the same as IV regulator?

  • The name 鈥淒ial-a-flo鈥?is a trademark owned by Hospira. Although many nurses call these devices by that name, these are also known as IV manual flow regulators. IV manual flow regulators are either part of the IV tubing or added on.