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  • Why use ground flower?

  • With ground flower, patients in many no-smoking states and smoking can enjoy the whole plant in a convenient format. The flower is in its natural state with no additives. The cannabinoids and terpenes present are original to the plant. Ground flower is easy to use. There鈥檚 no need to break up buds until they are suitably sized for your vaporizer.

  • What does a ground cover flower look like?

  • This low-growing ground cover flower is a perennial that offers very bright green leaves that form a dense mat along the ground. It is a native plant to Louisiana and Pennsylvania, and it tops out at four inches high. It will profusely bloom during the spring months with flowers that stretch above the foliage 10 inches or more.

  • How do you use coffee grounds to grow plants?

  • Let the coffee grounds cool, and then sprinkle them on top of the soil or mulch. Work the coffee grounds into the top layer of the soil. There are a few different reasons why adding coffee grounds to the soil around your favorite plants can help them grow strong.

  • What are ground flower pods and how do they work?

  • Ground flower is also a boon for patients in states where smoking is legal. Offering all the variety and complex aromatic profiles of the best medical cannabis strains, ground flower pods are a simple way to access whole-plant medicine in a safe, effective, and legal format where state programs allow.