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  • How to start a flower garden?

  • 1 Right Place, Right Plant . Do the plants you’ve picked out need sun, shade, or a combination of both? … 2 Dig the Soil . Beautiful flower gardensstart with healthy soil. … 3 Plant Your New Flowers . … 4 Water Deeply and Add Mulch . … 5 Deadhead and Groom Your Flowers

  • Do you have to dig up soil to plant flowers?

  • In general, most flowering plants do best in soil that’s loose and well-drained with a lot of organic material in it. You don’t need to dig a large area to plant flowers, but you should dig enough soil that you can add some compost in to improve the soil structure. Work the soil to a depth of at least 6 inches.

  • What are ground cover plants used for?

  • Ground cover plants can serve a variety of functions in the landscape: To covering slopes where mowing can be difficult with grass. Low-growing shrubs, such as ‘Blue Rug’ juniper, can work well here, as can low-maintenance perennial creeping plants.

  • How to choose the right ground cover for your garden?

  • Fit the height of the ground cover to the planting it is acting as mulch for; the taller shrub-like ground covers will do well under trees, while the creeping vines are better for mulching flowerbeds.