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  • What is the difference between water lilies and Lotus?

  • Dwarf varieties will be just a few inches above the water. Lotus plants will also need more fertilizer than water lilies. There is a height and size difference also. A standard lotus flower is larger than a water lily flower, reaching up to one foot across (about 30.5 cm.).

  • What is the size of a lotus flower?

  • The lotus flower can reach 1 foot across, although there is a species of water lily called Victoria amazonica that has similarly gigantic flowers. Both lotus and water lily have fragrant flowers.

  • What is a water lily plant?

  • The water lily plant is an aquatic flowering plant belonging to the family Nymphaeaceae. They have over 70 species. Just like most aquatic plants, the leaves and flowers spread just above the water surface and floats all along. The main two types of water lilies that you will commonly see are the hardy water lily and tropical water lily plants.

  • Are pond lilies and white water lilies the same thing?

  • The common North American white water lily, or pond lily, is Nymphaea odorata. The European white water lily is N. alba. Both species have reddish leaves when young and large fragrant flowers.