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  • What is the difference between lateral flow and rapid antigen?

  • Lateral flow and rapid antigen are terms used interchangeably to refer to the same test. Essentially, lateral flow tests and rapid antigen tests are the same things. 鈥楻apid tests鈥?and 鈥榓ntigen tests鈥?are both popular variations of the name 鈥榬apid antigen tests鈥?and traditionally mean the same.

  • What is the rapid lateral flow test?

  • The rapid lateral flow test, also known as an antigen test, is also a type of test. It is similar to the antigen test, but it uses different antibodies to detect the virus. Besides, the lateral flow test is not as accurate as the antigen test.

  • Can I travel to UK with lateral flow antigen test?

  • Lateral flow antigen tests are no longer accepted for UK arrivals as the mandatory Day 2 test. Passengers arriving in the UK must self-isaolate and complete a Day 2 PCR Test or Day 2 and Day 8 Tests, depending on your vaccination status..

  • What is a rapid antigen test?

  • A rapid antigen test is part of a broader category, it is a type of lateral flow test. A lateral flow test is a biochemical test that measures the presence or concentration of a designated molecule or antigen in a test sample.