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  • What is a hi-VNI® nasal cannula?

  • The ProSoft series of Hi-VNI nasal cannulas offers a soft, safe, and reliable alternative for a wide patient acuity range. Unlike commodity high flow oxygen devices (HFNC), Vapotherm high velocity therapy is FDA cleared for use with respiratory distress patients, including high acuity hypercapnic patients.

  • What is a high flow nasal cannula (HFNC)?

  • Vapotherm high velocity therapy often gets conflated or confused with commodity high flow oxygen products, also commonly known as High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC).

  • How effective is Vapotherm for nasal mucosal examination?

  • At 24 h after starting the modality, those on Vapotherm had more normal examinations of the nasal mucosa (2.7+/-1.2 vs 7.8+/-1.7, P 0.0005) and lower respiratory effort scores (1.2+/-0.6 vs 2.0+/-0.9, P 0.05) than did those on high-flow.

  • Is Vapotherm 2000i a high-flow respiratory support system?

  • Abstract Background: Vapotherm 2000i is a non-invasive high-flow respiratory support system used mainly in the treatment of type 1 respiratory failure. It uses a mixture of oxygen and air to deliver a set concentration via nasal cannula (or tracheostomy mask).