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  • What is the birthstone for May?

  • A symbol of love and rebirth, emerald is the birthstone for May. This rare gemstone has a rich green color that has a radiant vivid tone. In the Middle Ages, emerald was believed to have the power to predict the future. 3. The birth flower of May is lily of the valley.

  • What are the birth flowers for May?

  • Other birthday symbols include the birth flowers for May which are Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn. 鈥楨merald鈥?comes from the Greek word 鈥渟maragdos鈥?which means 鈥済reen stone鈥? and Emeralds are associated with friendship, faithfulness and loyalty.

  • How are birthstones linked with the zodiac signs?

  • Later these stones were associated with the various Zodiac signs and they were linked with each birth month on the basis their symbolism between the color and the sign of the zodiac of each month. Let us now see the table which will give you complete details on the list of birthstones according to each month.

  • What are the best birthstone colors for spring?

  • Widely regarded as the definition of green, emerald is the perfect color for spring. From the poetic description of Ireland as 鈥渢he Emerald Isle鈥?to the vibrant green of the famed gemstone itself鈥攖he May birthstone emerald has captured hearts and minds through the ages.