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  • Should you leave leaves over your lawn in winter?

  • If you leave a thick layer of leaves over your lawn all winter it can have the effect of smothering the grass and as grass needs to breathe this can be bad news.

  • Should you leave your leaves to decompose in winter?

  • Yes, leaving fallen leaves to decompose does return valuable nutrients to the soil, provides habitat for lots of important and valuable insect species over winter, and acts as a natural mulch. Unfortunately, the article was not exceedingly clear about one place you do NOT want to just leave your leaves: your lawn.

  • Should I remove leaves from my flowerbeds this fall?

  • Depending on what type of tree drops leaves and your plan for them, either keep them on your flowerbeds or remove them immediately. Raking leaves from your flower beds is a common fall chore, but you may wish to leave them to act as mulch over the winter months.

  • Should you remove leaves from trees and shrubs in winter?

  • If your trees and shrubs are suffering from leaf diseases such as mildew or rust, removing the leaves is helpful because it removes disease spores from overwintering on the fallen leaves. Otherwise, leaves are an excellent resource in the winter landscape.