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The lotus flower represents beauty and also has different meanings for each culture,time,and place. This beautiful-crowned lotus flower,of course,has its own meaning and aesthetic value. Its vibrant flower colors includered,pink,purple,yellow,or whitewill look beautiful in the breeze.

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  • What is the meaning of different colors of lotus flower?

  • Different color of lotus flower has a unique meaning, the white lotus represents purity, the red; love and compassion, the blue water-lily is common sense in which logic and wisdom create enlightenment. The pink lotus is the history of Buddha, the purple; mystic and spiritual awakening.

  • What does Asian Lotus look like?

  • Asian Lotus. The colors of the flowers may be pink or white, with pink more common. Open flowers are 8 to 12 inches wide, with the green leaves growing up to 2 feet across. The flat-topped yellow seed pod is also present in the Asian lotus flower, surrounded by yellow stamens. Asian lotus is not native, but can be grown in water gardens.

  • What kind of lotus flowers are pink?

  • Pink and Red Lotus Flowers The standard variety of the sacred lotus, Nelumbo necifera, is a famously pink flower, though it may also bloom in white, as Missouri Botanical Garden points out. Of course, the sacred lotus is far from alone, as pink lotus flowers are among the most common.

  • What does the Lotus mean in Chinese?

  • Chinese Lotus Flower. The lotus (钃姳, lin hu膩, 鑽疯姳, h hu膩) is known as the gentleman鈥檚 flower because it grows out from the mud, pure and unstained. The 鈥榟e鈥?in a man鈥檚 name indicates he is either a Buddhist or connected to Buddhism. The 鈥榟e鈥?in a woman鈥檚 name is a wish that she be pure and respected.