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Carrot flowers are usuallywhite and lacy, although purple carrot varieties have purple flowers. Being an umbel-type flower, it begins as a single stalk and grows into a bowl-shaped bloom with smaller stalks on top. The smaller stalks will then produce little white flowers at their ends.

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  • What do carrot leaves look like?

  • The true leaves have long stems and possess the shape and curly edges of the carrot leaves. The second batch of leaves has almost the same look as cilantro or small fern. They also grow a few inches taller than the first ones. In the second month, the carrot plant is getting a lot of nutrients through the first true leaves.

  • What is a flowering carrot?

  • We did a little of our own research to figure out how common a flowering carrot is. It turns out it鈥檚 not an anomaly. Often, a flowering carrot is a sign that the plant has bolted and will not be good to eat. Flowering carrots will grow every so often after a batch of seeds is planted for a few reasons.

  • What do carrot sprouts look like when germinating?

  • The carrot leaves usually germinate from a single spot and look smoother and silkier with a delicate texture. When looking for carrot sprouts, a simple trick is to smell the baby leaves.

  • What are the stages of a carrot plant?

  • For instance, if you plant carrot seeds in the first season the stages will go as follows: planting, germination, formation of true leaves and taproot, vegetative growth, and harvesting. Before the second season starts, your plant will enter dormancy. As the spring comes, your sleepy carrots will wake up and continue growing!