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Little bells on the shrub

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  • What does pink jasmine look like?

  • Pink jasmine has an intense aroma when it flowers from early spring until fall. The pretty white flowers sit on the end of light pink tubes. Each flower measures 1鈥?(2.5 cm) across and, similar to common jasmine, they grow in large clusters.

  • What are the different types of jasmine plants?

  • Wild Jasmine This variety of jasmine flower clusters of rich yellow flowers throughout the spring and summer. The flowers don鈥檛 have a fragrance. It grows slowly and ideal for hedges, cascading over short walls and fences. 7. Pink Jasmine This shrub features a cluster of fragrant pink-white flowers on an evergreen vine.

  • What is the difference between Italian jasmine and Jasminum?

  • The differences can be in the flower shape, color, even smell or in the way the plant grows. For example, Jasminum elongatum has 7 petals in each flower, while most species have 5. Italian Jasmine (Jasminum humile) has yellow flowers, but most species are white.

  • When does a jasmine plant bloom?

  • The jasmine plant flowers from the spring until fall. Its dark green foliage contrasting with pure white or yellow flowers make the plant a beautiful addition to any garden or even as a houseplant growing in an indoor container. Jasmine plants require full sun to partial shade to grow well. The soil should be kept moist but well-drained.