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Depending on the variety, cosmos featuressingle saucer-shape flowers with yellow centers and white, pink, or red rays. This annual’s green leaves are deeply cut into feathery threadlike segments. Cosmos cultivars sport a larger number of colors than regular cosmos, including bicolor, expressed in single, semi-double, or double flowers.

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  • What does Cosmos purity plant look like?

  • Cosmos Purity flowers are large and pure white in color, with apple-green colored foliage. The white flowers against delicate foliage make Cosmos Purity a beautiful sight to look at. Growing to about 1m in height, Cosmos Purity plants are half-hardy annuals. They need full sun exposure to grow.

  • What colors do cosmos flowers come in?

  • The flowers are found in many breathtakingly beautiful colors including white, maroon, solid pink, and pink with flares in deep pink color. Cosmos flowers bloom once in the season (twice a year).

  • How big do Cosmos plants get?

  • This cultivar of Cosmos sulphureus bears many double orange flowers that are great for cutting. It grows 12 inches tall. This Cosmos mix bears large, 4-inch-wide flowers in a mix of lavender, pink, red, and white on plants that can reach 5 feet tall.

  • What does a fuzzy pink Cosmos look like?

  • Unlike other types of Cosmos, the Fuzzy Pink has double flowers, and they could be pink, white, or cream. They will bloom throughout the summer, and they require direct sunlight in order to guarantee optimal growth and health. This yellow-centered flower has bright pink petals and a long stem that could grow up to 4 feet in height.