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Yes, it weighs a lot and rarely blooms, but the corpse flower is pretty typical when it comes to nourishment. The corpse flower simply feeds onsoil, air and water.

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  • What does the flower of a corpse plant look like?

  • When the corpse flower blooms, it opens and appears dark red. Flowers: Located at the base of the spadix in two distinct layers, the flowers are pollinated by flies and insects that are attracted to the plant’s odor.

  • Why do corpse plants die after they bear fruit?

  • According to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, it takes so much energy to produce the fruit that it usually results in the death of the plant. Though there have been some fortunate corpse flowers that have survived the fruiting processes and gone on to produce further leaves and flowers.

  • How often do corpse plants bloom?

  • (More details on flower structure below). Corpse flowers have a long life span, 30-40 years, and they bloom quite rarely, on average every 7-10 years.

  • What is the function of the corm in a corpse flower?

  • Another important part of the corpse flower, the corm plays a pivotal role in the plant’s life cycle, as it absorbs and retains nutrients when the plant goes into a period of dormancy between leaves and blooms emerging.