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  • What does a jasmine plant look like in spring?

  • The flower heads are actually quite large for a jasmine plant, and they form small clusters all over the foliage. This has oval shaped three pinnate leaves, of a fairly light fern shade. The flowers will start in early spring and they will last for a few weeks.

  • How big do purple jasmine plants get?

  • Purple Jasmine 鈥?The purple jasmine flower is also known as star jasmine. This twining vine blooms 2-inch flowers in the spring and summer. It can grow 20 feet as a vine, but can also be grown on a smaller scale as a hedge, shrub or ground cover.

  • Do jasmine plants have white flowers?

  • Most of the varieties have white flowers that will look great in any garden. Most of these varieties grow well in hardiness zones six through 10, and they are relatively easy to care for. The common Jasmine is a vining shrub that has a very fragrant smell that is appealing.

  • What is the difference between Italian jasmine and Jasminum?

  • The differences can be in the flower shape, color, even smell or in the way the plant grows. For example, Jasminum elongatum has 7 petals in each flower, while most species have 5. Italian Jasmine (Jasminum humile) has yellow flowers, but most species are white.