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Cardinal flower

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  • What plants attract hummingbirds to your yard?

  • Many of the shrubs and flowers on these lists will bring hummingbirds to your yard as well, just keep in mind that they especially love tubular-shaped flowers like trumpet flower with lots of nectar. (Note: Potted and hanging plants work just as well as those planted in the ground to attract hummingbirds.)

  • What are hummingbirds attracted to?

  • Hummingbirds have specialized, needle-like bills that help them effectively probe deeper into elongated, tubular-shaped flowers to suck out the nectar. Hence, flowers with tubular shapes are most attractive to these hungry hummers. They are not much attracted to other flower shapes like puffs, bowls, saucers, lips, etc.

  • Do butterfly bushes attract hummingbirds?

  • The butterfly bush is true to its name in that it鈥檚 great at attracting butterflies but hummingbirds as well. This is a deciduous flowering shrub with thick, elongated purple, blue, and pink flowers. The bushes can get as tall as six to twelve feet and as wide as four to fifteen feet.

  • Do hummingbirds like red flowers?

  • Yes, hummingbirds do prefer red flowers. There are also plenty of orange, purple, and blue flowers that will still attract them. You want to look for flowers with bold and bright colors that also produce a high amount of nectar.