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  • What flower has spikes that mean strength?

  • Blossoms that mean strength include: Snapdragon 鈥?A dense spike of blossoms rises up in a bold color. The upright growth and clustered blooms of the Snapdragon means it represents strength. The flower can also mean deception or concealment. Gladiolus 鈥?The Gladiolus also sports spikes of flowers,…

  • Why are flowers a symbol of strength?

  • Seeking strength and fortitude in the beauty of nature and flowers is a great way to boost our inner confidence and give us the courage to continue on. When we are facing hard times, or when someone we love is suffering, discovering flowers that mean strength inspire resilience and buoy the soul.

  • What flowers mean courage and energy?

  • Carnation 鈥?Be careful with color. Only white carnations mean strength, and it鈥檚 primarily the strength of a caring mother. It鈥檚 also a recognition of purity when a person is steadfast and unwilling to back down from their goal. Protea 鈥?Need to encourage courage and energy in someone who has been fighting for too long?

  • What are the flowers that symbolize love?

  • Sunflower signifies pure thoughts. It symbolizes adoration and dedication. It is symbolic of dedicated love. It is however also symbolic of haughtiness. Sweet Pea indicates delicate pleasure and bliss. It is a flower symbolic of departure after having a good time. Tulip signifies a declaration of love. It also symbolizes fame and perfect love.