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  • What are the best flowers to say sorry to someone?

  • And white tulips are happy flowers that can help you say sorry and make up for the mistake. These apology flowers are elegant too and never go overboard especially when you are sending it to office of the concerned person. Team up the flower bouquet with personalized note or greeting cards to express your emotions and get forgiven!

  • What are the best white apology flowers?

  • The best white apology flowers are lilies and roses. The colour pink is associated with sweetness and poetic romance. It also represents gratitude and appreciation. Pink flowers are not only used to say thank you but you can also express sympathy and say sorry to a special someone. Show that you regret your actions with pink lilies or pink roses.

  • Is it time to say sorry with a tulip?

  • Though having many varieties in colour people often choose white tulip when it is time to say sorry. White tulips are considered to be happy flowers and the colour white is the symbol of peace. Apart from the symbols and definitions white tulips are, therefore, universally adored, very elegant and highly stylish flowers.

  • What flowers symbolize regret?

  • Purple hyacinth is the flower most commonly used to symbolize regret. A bouquet of purple hyacinth expresses the bearer’s sadness over a situation and asks for forgiveness.