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  • What is a flow sheet format?

  • Documentation in critical care: a flow sheet format that communicates and saves time The design of a critical care nursing documentation form in a flow sheet format provides quick access to and rapid communication about patient information.

  • What is sheet flow stormwater?

  • Sheet flow means runoff which flows over the ground surface as a thin, even layer, not concentrated in a channel. Sheet flow means overland water runoff in a thin uniform layer. Sheet flow will enter a constructed conveyance system of shallowly sloped concreted troughs that will collect and carry the stormwater to the stormwater collection basin.

  • What are the benefits of flow sheets?

  • The structure of a flow sheet format results in standardized documentation that simplifies quality assurance review and eliminates duplicate documentation. Nursing staff members comment on how easy charting is when the standards for documentation are clear. Staff members no longer waste time charting; they save time communicating.

  • What is a flow process chart?

  • This diagram dates back to the 1920s, and in 1921 Frank Gilbreth initiated the 鈥渇low process chart.鈥?Since then, many industrial engineers, businesses, and manufacturers use this chart. It is a type of flow chart that is utilized in chemical engineering and process engineering.