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  • What is lava?

  • What is Lava? When a volcano erupts, the molten rock (or magma) that comes out of the Earth is called lava. Because lava is so hot (more than 1,100 degrees C, over 2,000 degrees F), it remains molten and flows across the ground until it cools and hardens into rock.

  • How far does lava flow from a volcano?

  • The lava flows from the volcano in either a molten or semi-molten form. The distance that lava flows depends on several factors like the extrusion rate, the temperature of the flow, land slope, and silica content. Lava flows are not very fast.

  • Why does tube-fed lava travel farther than open lava?

  • Consequently, tube-fed lava may remain at elevated temperature at a constant effusion rate for a longer time than in open flow, and thus can travel greater distances. Lava tubes are known to develop only in fluid flows of basaltic composition. They are common in p膩hoehoe flows, but can also form in a’膩 flows.

  • What are the characteristics of a lava flow?

  • Lava flows are commonly stacked, with interlayered flow-top and flow-bottom breccias that water can undermine, thus exacerbating erosion ( Fig. 5 ). Breccia layers are weak zones, and are easily eroded by flowing glacier ice, creating a stepped topography ( Fig. 18 ).